Uncategorized January 6, 2024

3 Tips for Ditching Coffee

Looking to kick the caffeine? While a moderate amount of the buzzy stuff has been shown to have heart benefits, it’s easy to overdo it or find yourself addicted to that morning jolt. If you’re looking to slay your latte habit, consider the following tips.

Time it right. Quitting anything you’re addicted to is challenging, and coffee is no exception. Choose a time that will support your withdrawal. The Monday your big work project is due? Not the best time.

A long weekend is a great time to begin so that you can distract yourself or, at worst, lay down with that 3 p.m. headache.

Find a suitable substitution. If you don’t want to quit cold turkey, you can find a substitution. Some people like to guzzle tea, water, or even decaf coffee as they wean themselves off that fresh brew. A more overlooked substitution is raw cacao. Sold in many grocery stores and available online, cacao nibs pack a caffeine punch that can help wean you slowly off the java juice. Warning: They’re bitter, and some people enjoy them more than others.

Warn everyone. Make sure to tell your friends, partner, and close colleagues you’re cutting coffee. This way, they can support you by nixing that afternoon coffee invite, and they’ll understand if you’re a bit groggy or snippy for the first few days.

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Published with permission from RISMedia.